Who is doing the misinforming, Ms. Ardern?

Confusion and mixed messages over taxes indicate where a future Labour-Green Government would head, says National Party Leader Judith Collins.

“Two Minsters outside Cabinet continue to insist that deals on a wealth tax and a Capital Gains Tax are still on the table, despite Jacinda Ardern’s strenuous denials that they aren’t.

“Both Green Party Co-Leader James Shaw and the Minister of Civil Defence Peeni Henare have flatly stated recently that both taxes could be part of negotiations if Labour and the Greens were able to enter negotiations to form a government.

“James Shaw flatly said that he would expect to have a conversation with Labour about a wealth tax.

“James Shaw was able to strong arm Labour into backing a private school in Taranaki, he has a proven ability to get Labour to the table.

“Meanwhile Peeni Henare, appearing on Maori Television’s final debate, told voters, ‘October 17, who knows where the cards may lie? I’m sure the conversation could be had.’

“He was referring to the possibility of a capital gains tax being on the table.

“Ms. Ardern has labelled my comments ‘misinformation’. I’d like to know who is misinforming whom when it comes to this campaign?

“She appears to obfuscate while her Ministers, who she has declared she fully backs, are telling us what is really going on.”

“Don’t forget it was a Labour Government that unilaterally decided to ban oil and gas exploration in Taranaki – a fact they didn’t tell the electorate about before the 2017 election.

“This election, Ms. Ardern needs to come clean with voters on her real agenda before they enter the ballot box.

“In contrast, a National Government is committed to no tax increases, instead providing tax relief at a time when New Zealanders need it most.”