Where’s the urgency on boosters and kids?

It’s ridiculous that the Book My Vaccine website will not allow people to book in for booster vaccinations four months after a person’s second dose, and still doesn’t allow parents to book in for kids’ vaccinations, says National’s COVID-19 Response spokesperson Chris Bishop.

“I’ve been contacted by a number of people over the last few days keen to book their booster in, but the Book My Vaccine website won’t take booster bookings after four months for another week, on January 17.

“Why can’t the website be updated to allow people to book in for their booster right now? With Omicron on our doorstep, the Government should be pulling out all stops to get boosters into arms right now.

“In fact the Book My Vaccine website still says that boosters are available six months after a person’s second dose, which is inaccurate.

“Likewise, a number of parents have contacted me who are bemused as to why they can’t book their kids’ vaccinations in right now. Chris Hipkins has trumpeted that paediatric doses of the Pfizer vaccine have arrived in New Zealand, but people can’t even book them in for their children for a week.

“New Zealand has already been slow to roll out vaccines for children, with many countries well ahead of us.

“The Government seems asleep at the wheel while Omicron is on our doorstep right now.

“The Government might have logged off for summer but COVID doesn’t care about Christmas and the New Year period. It’s time the Government started showing some urgency on boosters and kids’ vaccinations.

“While they’re at it they could legalise rapid antigen tests and make them available to anyone who wants to buy one in a supermarket or pharmacy.”