The Government must release the terms of reference of the inquiry into the appointment of Wally Haumaha as Deputy Police Commissioner given it’s now two weeks since the Acting Prime Minister announced the inquiry, National’s Police spokesperson Chris Bishop says.

“Following concerns raised by Louise Nicholas regarding the appropriateness of Mr Haumaha’s promotion, Winston Peters announced on June 29 that there would be an inquiry into the appointment.

“That appeared to be the right thing to do, given Mr Haumaha’s highly disappointing comments regarding serious allegations made against his friends in the Police which Police Minister Stuart Nash claimed to have no knowledge of prior to Mr Haumaha’s appointment.

“The Government has a duty to get to the bottom of why Mr Nash and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern weren’t told of these comments, especially in light of the fact Ms Nicholas previously raised concerns about Mr Haumaha’s appointment as Assistant Commissioner.

“As it’s since been revealed that Mr Haumaha was selected as a candidate for NZ First in the 2005 General Election, the inquiry must also look into potential issues of probity and conflicts of interest given Mr Haumaha was promoted under a Labour-NZ First Government.

“But it’s been two weeks since the inquiry was announced and we’re still yet to hear anything about the terms of reference or who will chair the inquiry.

“The process around this inquiry has been a debacle from the start, with the inappropriate appointment of NZ First MP and party insider Tracey Martin as the minister in charge of the inquiry.

“The public deserves answers and the Government needs to get on with the inquiry, make the terms of reference public and tell us who exactly will be conducting it.”

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