It’s very surprising that Labour’s fiscal plan came out yesterday with absolutely no mention of their proposal to lift the amount of paid parental leave, National Party Campaign Chair Steven Joyce says.

“Our team has been through the numbers at length, and despite a desire to increase government spending by a massive $31 billion over the next four years, there is no mention of any money earmarked for more paid parental leave,” Mr Joyce says.

“Given how enthusiastic Labour has been about it, and how negative they were about National’s announcement yesterday – surely there must be some money put aside? 

“Labour said on social media that they had hidden it in their families package, but there is no money identified in the cost calculations for that package.

“The only mention of paid parental leave was when a bullet point referring to it was added to their webpage online yesterday afternoon once it was raised with them.

“It can’t be in the new budget allowance because there is virtually nothing set aside for the next three years as there is.

“Maybe Grant Robertson and BERL have it stashed away somewhere and they might be able to point it out. Or perhaps they could get a working group together to find it. In the meantime it seems it’s the case of the missing paid parental leave.”

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