Where are the fog cannons, Minister?

It is shocking that while ram raids continue on an almost nightly-basis, some victims are still waiting for support nearly three months after Labour announced its $6 million preventative fund, National’s Police spokesperson Mark Mitchell says.

“Only five businesses are yet to receive even a dollar of support, despite ten weeks passing since then-Police Minister Poto Williams made a big song and dance about this funding.

“Labour’s announcement came entirely off the back of political pressure, but nothing has changed as ram raids continue to be reported every day.

“Last week, we revealed that ram raids are up 518 per cent in the first six months of the year compared to 2018.

“As the Dairy and Business Owners' Group Chair Sunny Kaushal has said, this is an example of ‘policy by press release’. This accurately sums up Labour’s approach to government.

“Labour even put their own so-called ‘Mr fix-it’ on the job, but Chris Hipkins has had no more success than he has with addressing truancy in his other portfolio.

“The fact is that Labour is soft on crime and the empirical evidence proves it. Law and order outcomes across the board are markedly worse under this Government.

“Even our youngest offenders believe they can operate with impunity, with nearly one in five ram raiders being under the age of 13.

“All that victims are getting from Chris Hipkins is talk. But for small businesses, it means sleepless nights, fearful days and constant worry about their livelihoods.”