Waste of space for cancelled cycle bridge

Transport Minister Michael Wood has been wasting more money on the Auckland cycle bridge despite it being cancelled, National’s Transport spokesperson Simeon Brown says.

“The Labour Government signed a lease on a huge office for cycle bridge staff three weeks before canning the whole project.

“Since then, the 1000-square-metre office has sat empty with no one in it and a year still to run on the lease.

“Not only has the Government wasted $50 million on a cancelled cycle bridge, it is continuing to waste money on office space in Wynyard Quarter – the most expensive real estate in Auckland – for a defunct pet project.

“Minister Wood doesn’t know how to implement projects, and worse still, he doesn’t know how to cancel projects. He’s holding onto empty offices, and holding onto $12 million of Northcote property while Waka Kotahi explore other walking and cycling options across the Harbour. 

“This is just the latest case of wasteful spending by the Minister. It joins the $50 million spent so far on zero metres of Auckland light rail, and the $35 million for consultants on Let’s Get Wellington Moving for very little construction.

“What’s more, it’s yet again indicative of the Labour Government’s undisciplined, profligate attitude to wasting taxpayer money.

“Minister Wood needs to cancel this 19 month office lease as soon as possible, if he hasn’t done so already.”