Christchurch Central MP Nicky Wagner has been reselected as National’s candidate for the 2017 General Election.

Ms Wagner has been an MP since 2005, and is the first National MP to hold Christchurch Central.

“It’s a huge privilege to serve as local MP. I’m proud of what we’ve achieved together and want to continue to expand on the range of opportunities our city offers,” Ms Wagner says.

“As a Christchurch resident, I understand the daily and longer-term challenges faced by the city. Over the past six years, I’ve helped with over 6,500 constituent cases and worked with hundreds of community groups on the things that matter to them.”

A born-and-bred Cantabrian, Ms Wagner’s main focus has been on the rebuild and regeneration of the community.

“For me, Christchurch is my home and is so important to me. I have been honoured to play a part in the rebuild, including overseeing the construction of the Margaret Mahy Playground, bring parties together to reach consensus around the future of Victoria Square, and most close to my heart, working with Mayor Dalziel to lead the Earthquake Memorial project which will be unveiled on February 22nd this year,” Ms Wagner says. 

“We have an exceptional opportunity to bring together our city’s environmental and wellbeing aspirations through the regeneration of the residential red zones, including the Avon River corridor, and I will continue to be a strong advocate of this process.

“I’m providing ongoing support to those residents struggling with earthquake-related problems and I’ve coordinated with Police and Crime Watch to make sure community safety is always at the forefront – from curbing boy racers to reducing the crime risk of small businesses and improving the public health and wellbeing initiatives through the Community in Mind strategy.

“Christchurch is a city of opportunities right now. As the MP for Christchurch Central I want to keep pushing the development and support of our community wellbeing by making sure that we do not let any opportunity slip by, and continuing to lobby for the social and economic investment that is driving our city forward into a modern, 21st century future.

“We have all benefited from National’s $17 billion commitment to the recovery, sensible economic management and willingness to invest in the future of the city.

“We need the continuity and stability of the Bill English National-led government to complete Christchurch’s regeneration and keep working to achieve a brighter future for New Zealand.

“I will be running a strong campaign in Christchurch Central because we’ve got projects to finish and I want to continue helping to make Christchurch the best it can be for everyone.”

Ms Wagner also serves as Minister of Customs and for Disability Issues, and as Associate Minister of Conservation, Health, Tourism, and supporting Greater Christchurch Regeneration.

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