Victims miss out again under Labour

The revelation that fewer than 70 cases have been supported by the Government’s strangulation initiative means hundreds of victims have missed out on support they were promised, National’s Justice spokesperson Paul Goldsmith says.

“$20 million was allocated to this cross-agency initiative in Budget 2020, to aid the prosecution of strangulation as part of the Government’s response to family and sexual violence.

“The Government promised 869 cases would be supported each year – yet a year and a half since the announcement, nowhere near 869 cases have been supported and the initiative appears to be in its infancy. Even worse, only $54,000 of the $20 million has been spent on help for victims.

“Victims were told this initiative would help them heal as they navigated the complexities of the criminal justice system. Labour’s continual inability to deliver means hundreds of these victims have missed out on much-needed support.

“Improving services for victims and holding offenders to account is critical in responding to the scourge of family and sexual violence, which wrecks lives. Victims need real improvements in the support they receive to overcome its pernicious effects.

“The Labour Government is first class at announcements, but third rate at providing outcomes for those most in need. Yet again, their failure to deliver is putting victims at the back of the queue.”