Vaccination status employment minefield to ensue

On one hand the Government today has attempted to simplify My Vaccine Pass verification with the launch of the NZ Pass Verifier app. 

On the other, it opened up a potential employment relations minefield as Minister Michael Wood announced requirements for workers in businesses where vaccine mandates apply to be fully vaccinated against Covid by January 17, says National’s Spokesperson for Workplace Relations, Scott Simpson.

“Business will welcome the extra tool to validate the vaccine status of employees but the threat of employers still being entangled in personal grievance or constructive dismissal actions remains.

“People who have their jobs terminated because they are unvaccinated are highly likely to take legal recourse that will be both costly and time consuming for employers who just want to get on with doing business.

“National would give employers protection from such actions as long as either this new tool or a formal health and safety risk assessment has been conducted.

“It’s a pity the Labour Government has been so slow in establishing this new tool. They’ve had more than a year to consider it and leaving its introduction to the eleventh hour and rushing legislation under urgency is poor policy process.”