The National Party has today released a new advertisement updated to reflect the latest changes in Labour’s tax policy, National Party Campaign Chair Steven Joyce says.

“Our advertising team have worked tirelessly overnight to incorporate yesterday’s changes to what has become the movable feast that is Labour’s tax policy.

“Labour has changed the start date for two of its planned new taxes on hard working New Zealanders but the other five remain in place.

“We’re expecting further amendments and clarifications in the coming days as there are many more unanswered questions.

“For example, Labour still hasn’t told horticulturalists and farmers what the level of their water tax will be and whether it will be imposed before or after they make farmers pay for emissions through the Emissions Trading Scheme.

“More broadly, there are other big questions to be answered around their economic policies. For example, exactly how many of our free trade agreements do they plan to renegotiate and by when, so they can institute their flawed house buyers policy?

“And exactly which industries would be first required to sit down with Andrew Little and the CTU to agree on their wage rates?

“We appreciate that a lot of Labour’s policies are still being white-boarded at this point and there may well be further revisions in the coming days. If they were able to give us a heads up on their next changes before they release them, we’ll do our best to keep our advertising up to date.”

The updated ad can be viewed here:

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