Unlocking economic growth

New Zealand needs a new economic approach so Kiwis stop falling further behind and have opportunities to start getting ahead.



This Labour Government has no plan for the economy except to spend more money. Its economic mismanagement has contributed to the highest inflation in over 30 years and a cost of living crisis that is pummeling Kiwis up and down the country.

National is focused on delivering positive outcomes for Kiwis. We know that simply spending money is not enough – government needs to be getting results for every dollar it spends.

But prosperity isn’t driven by government spending. The only way to kick-start our economic engine and grow the pie for all New Zealanders is to back hard-working Kiwis and businesses up and down the country.

If elected, National will focus on the following five critical levers to supercharge New Zealand’s economic growth, and the prosperity of all Kiwis.

Our plan

1. Education and skills

We will be focused on improving the outcomes from our education system through better use of information to drive results. If a child can’t read or add as well as their peers, we need to know so we can intervene. We will also support home-grown talent while enhancing our workforce through immigration.

2. Infrastructure

A National Government would unlock real investment in infrastructure so we build things when and where it's need, rather than constantly playing catch-up. That means innovating on finance, thinking long-term, and fixing planning rules so they are no longer a barrier.

3. Technology, capital and innovation

National will encourage businesses to invest in themselves to drive faster technology adoption. That means removing barriers preventing small businesses from accessing capital and growing into large ones, and welcoming productive investment that gives Kiwis the tools to work smarter, not harder.

4. Business environment

If elected, National will make it easier to build a business, because that’s what generates growth and higher incomes – not government. We will put an end to the onslaught of red tape and continually re-test existing rules so if they’re no longer fit for purpose, they’ll be scrapped.

5. Connections with the world

New Zealand must compete aggressively to attract people with high-quality skills and talent from around the world. National will make it easier for entrepreneurs to access global capital, expertise and ideas and get the trade agenda back on track so our exporters aren’t falling behind Australia.