Despite almost a year in Government, and six years since the announcement of KiwiBuild, New Zealanders are increasingly confused with the changing detail around Labour’s flagship housing policy, National’s spokesperson Judith Collins says.

“Six years ago Labour promised they would build 10,000 homes a year by the end of their first term in office under its KiwiBuild policy. Today Mr Twyford once again walked back his policy when he admitted KiwiBuild will only deliver 5000 homes a year by the 2020 election.

“KiwiBuild needs to have already built 216 homes to keep on track to the Minister’s 1000 homes in the first year target, but with only 18 completed its clear the KiwiBuild pipedream has descended into a farce.

“KiwiBuild has consistently changed:

  • In November 2012, it was 100,000 three-bedroom standalone homes costing under $300,000 each.
  • In 2013, it had become two-bedroom townhouses for $300,000 and up to $550,000 for standalone four-bedroom houses.
  • In 2014, Mr Twyford was saying two-bedroom terraced houses for $360,000.
  • During the 2017 election Mr Twyford was saying terraced houses would not cost more than $500,000

“But now in Government, as Minister he has said $650,000 for terraced houses.

“Mr Twyford is clearly worried that even his new price is not realistic. That’s why he sought permission to further increase the cap without asking having to ask his pesky Cabinet colleagues.

“When Labour was last in Government, they announced a 1600-home development at Hobsonville 2002, but by 2008 had no planning approved, no resource consents, no infrastructure built nor a single house constructed.

“If they couldn’t build 1600 houses in six years, how can they promise 10,000 a year under KiwiBuild?

“Instead Mr Twyford continues to reannounce National’s housing projects.

“Mr Twyford continues to exhibit the indecision and lack of detail the rest of his Labour-led Government shows. He has had years in Opposition to come up with a comprehensive housing policy to implement, but all we’ve seen is broken promises.”

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