Transport Minister Phil Twyford has once again misled New Zealand over his plans to fund transport projects, National Party Transport Spokesperson, Jami-Lee-Ross says.

“On the AM Show this morning Mr Twyford was asked directly if he was taking money out of State Highways like Warkworth to Whangarei to pay for public transport in Auckland, and he said he wasn’t.

“But his own figures show that over the first three years of this Ardern-Peters Government, he plans to pour $2 billion into mass transit projects like a tram down Dominion Road.

“It’s misleading for him to say that he’s not taking money from roading and putting it into trams when the Government’s own policy statement shows that he is indeed putting it into trams.

“Does he think he can just pull this money out thin air?

“The reality is that Phil Twyford is going to fund a tram project by cutting $5 billion from State Highway projects and by increasing fuel taxes for motorists around New Zealand.

“This means that people in Tauranga, the Waikato, Canterbury and Southland will be paying more at the pump to pay for public transport in Auckland.

“This is money that was otherwise going to be spent on vital roading projects across New Zealand to increase the safety and efficiency of our roads.

“Phil Twyford needs to stop telling the country that he isn’t raiding the State Highway budget when he himself confirmed in Parliament that he is,” Mr Ross says.

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