Housing Minister Phil Twyford has finally realised he won’t be able to deliver on his promise to build 100,000 houses and his best option is to copy National’s plan – one he has previously criticised, National’s Housing spokesperson Judith Collins says.

“Despite spending years in Opposition bagging National’s housing plan, Mr Twyford will now be copying it – a concession that National had the right plan all along.

“It appears he is simply picking up National’s Auckland Housing Programme, which involves Housing New Zealand working with businesses to increase housing supply through intensification on state-owned land, and running with it.

“This revelation follows Mr Twyford’s admission that he will be putting KiwiBuild stamps on pre-fabricated homes built by the private sector.

“And that admission came after Mr Twyford revealed he’d be buying houses off developers, which would have been built anyway, and stamping a KiwiBuild label on those too.

“Mr Twyford spent years criticising everything National achieved in housing and claimed he would do more and build 100,000 houses for New Zealanders. Yet now it appears he’s realised what everyone else has known all along – KiwiBuild was never going to happen.

“Mr Twyford has finally conceded that National’s plan was better and actually achievable. But whether he is capable of successfully executing those plans remains in serious doubt.”

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