Transport Minister Phil Twyford has added another misleading statement to his fast-climbing tally, National’s Transport spokesperson Jami-Lee Ross says.

“In Parliament today, Mr Twyford claimed he had read the Ministry of Transport’s assessment of the possible impacts on fuel prices of the fuel companies spreading the Auckland regional fuel tax to other regions.

“This is in direct contradiction of him telling Parliament’s Transport and Infrastructure Select Committee that ‘no formal modelling has been carried out on the possible impact of price spreading’.

“This is yet another example of Mr Twyford saying whatever he wants regardless of what is true. And it’s yet another reason why this Government can’t be trusted.

“The Government’s regional fuel tax has been characterised by false claims from the start.

“Initially Mr Twyford claimed the regional fuel tax of an additional 11.5 cents per litre would only be imposed Auckland but then he went and instructed officials to draft legislation that would allow regional fuel taxes in every region of New Zealand.

“Now we now know of at least 14 councils are actively looking at imposing the cost on their own ratepayers once the legislation allows them to in a couple of years.

“When that happens these taxes won’t need new legislation and they won’t be put to the public they’ll be imposed at the stroke of Mr Twyford’s pen, unless National is there to put a stop to it.

“Mr Twyford also initially promised a maximum rate for regional fuel tax of only 10 cents per before tax per litre and is now trying to give his Government the power to raise this.

“This is a tax that is costly and unnecessary and will soon be rolled out around the country, on top of the Government’s existing national fuel tax hike – and it is set to get steeper. Mr Twyford simply can’t be trusted to keep his word.”

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