Transport and Infrastructure is deeply personal for New Zealanders. We use it to get home at night to see our families, our businesses rely on it to grow and succeed, and it allows us to access world-class public services. National gets on and builds things - whether it is first rate social and economic infrastructure or Roads of National Significance, New Zealanders have come to know National as the party that delivers on its policies.

We need to ensure New Zealand’s infrastructure is fit for purpose for the 21st century. That means not just having the economic infrastructure that will grow the economy and create jobs, but the social infrastructure that will see our kids taught in world-class facilities and give us access to healthcare to stop us getting sick.

Transport touches almost every aspect of our lives on a daily basis. New Zealanders need transport infrastructure that is reliable, efficient, effective, and safe. Whether it is Let’s Get Wellington Moving, delays with major transport projects like the Tauranga Northern Link or the City Rail Link, the Government has proven time and time again it cannot deliver the transport infrastructure New Zealanders deserve. We will make sure we do.

This document proposes a number of ways to get New Zealand moving again, and how we will tackle some of the real challenges this country faces.

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