The passing of the revised Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement at Parliament today shows National was right to push ahead with the original deal in the face of significant opposition, National’s spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Trade Todd McClay says.

“The revised TPP will have huge benefits for New Zealand exporters. If National did not do the hard work of negotiating the original TPP deal, there would be no agreement for Parliament to pass today.

“As the many submissions made on the Bill show, this revised-TPP is essentially the same deal that National negotiated and delivered. It delivers exactly the same benefits for exporters.

“Being part of the TPP and its revision means New Zealand businesses and exporters will have greater access to hundreds of millions of consumers around the world. It also puts our exporters on a more level playing field and we know that when given those opportunities, they will succeed.

“New Zealand has been a leader in pushing for this revolutionary deal since 2008, and was the first country to push for the TPP to live on after the US withdrew. It was this engagement and negotiation with 10 remaining countries that ensured New Zealand exporters would have unprecedented access to Japan and other important markets.

“Despite slight changes, the revised-TPP remains a high-quality deal. That is why the National Party pledged its parliamentary support to help get the agreement over the line.

“Hundreds and hundreds of officials and trade representatives have dedicated the last decade to this agreement. The National Opposition would like to express our sincere thanks to them, members of the business community and the public for their ongoing support of TPP and the jobs it will create.

“I would also like to thank Labour and New Zealand First for going back on their opposition, hanging up their protest signs, and finally voting for the TPP.

“By being part of this multilateral agreement, we have shown that free trade is still possible, and important, in a time of increasing protectionism around the world. It was vital that this deal received bi-partisan support to show New Zealand’s commitment to free trade.”

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