Sarah Dowie's Member's Bill to streamline the process for bringing tortious actions forward has passed unanimously in Parliament today.

"This Private International Law (Choice of Tort) Bill simplifies and improves a complex piece of law, bringing New Zealand into step with comparable countries," Ms Dowie says.

"The previous law was notoriously difficult for lawyers and judges to understand and apply, let alone everyday New Zealanders.

"My Bill replaces the complicated set of criteria on which laws apply for torts that involve other countries, establishing a general rule that means the laws of the country where the event happened apply.

"Furthermore, it creates a simple clarification of the law specifically for property torts, meaning the law of the jurisdiction where the property was damaged applies. 

"Lastly, the Bill provides the judiciary the flexibility to make exceptions to the new rules outlined above, in situations where it is appropriate and pragmatic for this to occur.

“I am pleased to see the Parliament support this Bill.”

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