Action is needed over health standards for vaping and National will work with the Government to give parents greater certainty with some urgency, Leader of the Opposition Simon Bridges says.

“We want to ensure that vaping is a tool to help smokers quit and doesn’t become an easily accessible habit for young teens.

“With vaping companies coming together to stop restrictions, it’s important Parliament comes together too. 

“Consumers also need to an assurance on standards around vaping and that these products will not be harmful to their health.

“Parents are becoming increasingly concerned that vapes are being marketed at children. They come in bright colours, have fruity flavours and being advertised liberally. 

“There are concerns those who wouldn’t have taken up smoking are taking up vaping and schools are struggling to stop the growing trend.

“National will work with the Government to get clear and considered rules in place for vaping but this must be done quickly. 

“While it may be too late in other countries, we have a chance to deal with this in New Zealand before it gets too big.

“There are still serious health concerns that come with vaping including pneumonia, heart disorders and lung disease. National will work constructively with Government to ensure that we’re striking the right balance around this important issue.” 

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