Gang violence is out of control and it is only a matter of time before innocent people are killed. We need to get tough on gangs, the time has come for the Government to take action against violent gang members and take their firearms off them. The Government needs to introduce firearm prohibition orders (FPO) now.

Firearm prohibition orders allow the Police to search and take firearms off gang members. If a gang member is subject to an FPO they cannot possess a firearm, get a firearms license or be on the same property where firearms are present. 

We cannot allow gang members to go unchecked for the violence they are causing with firearms, they are making our streets less safe and causing fear amongst our communities. Gang membership has increased by 48% since Labour came into Government, its time the Government takes bold action.

Firearm Prohibition Orders were recommended to the Labour Government back in 2017 by the Police. Our Police are the ones who facing this increasing violence every day and the Government has failed to back them and provide them with the tools they need to deal with these violent gang members.

Firearm violence is becoming a serious problem in New Zealand, the Police are issuing general arming orders at least once a week. Police are simply responding to the increasing threats they are facing from gang members.

While the Government promised 1800 new police officers over three years, the gangs have delivered over 2000 more gang members and more violence.

Please sign this petition to send the Government a message that it’s time to take the guns off the gangs.

PETITION: Time to take the guns off the gangs

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