The Government must be closet fans of National’s transport policies after all, given how much pride it took today in announcing the completion of seven road safety projects that started under us, National’s Transport spokesperson Chris Bishop says.

“They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so to watch Jacinda Ardern and Phil Twyford stand on SH3, between Ohaupo and Te Awamutu, and claim credit for seeing National’s road safety initiatives through to the end was heart-warming.

“I was glad to hear the new safety barriers have prevented deaths and serious injuries, because that’s exactly what Transport Minister Simon Bridges predicted would happen in December 2016 when he announced $4.8 million for the project.

“My concern is that once the Government is done putting the finishing touches on National’s good ideas it won’t have much to do, given it is ideologically opposed to building roads.

“Safety upgrades are vitally important to combat our rising road toll, which is why councils across the country are crying out for the Government to spend money on new roads, only to be told there’s no money left because it has all been funnelled into Auckland’s light rail.

“Today’s announcement contained no more money for road safety above what was announced last year – just a heads-up that the budget will be spread thinner.

“But if Transport Minister Phil Twyford and his associate Julie Anne Genter are short of a few good ideas about what to do in transport, I’m happy to help them out.

“A couple of tips to start would be to get over their aversion to road building, stop taxing motorists so heavily, and stop turning a blind eye to regional roads in desperate need of repair, like SH58 from Pauatahanui to Upper Hutt.”


Note: The seven completed projects in the greater Waikato, started under National:

  1. SH3 Awakino to Mt Messenger (stage 1 safety and resilience works)
  2. SH1B Taupiri to Gordonton
  3. SH23 Waitetuna to Raglan (stage 1)
  4. SH27/26/24
  5. SH3 Ohaupo to Te Awamutu
  6. SH3/SH37 to Te Kuiti
  7. SH1 Bombay to Hampton Downs (stage 1)

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