Tertiary Education

All New Zealanders should have the opportunity to access a world-class tertiary education.

You can read our Tertiary Education Policy Factsheet here.

Tertiary education is a great enabler, allowing Kiwis to gain knowledge and skills, prepare for the workforce, follow their dreams and set themselves up for success. As the party of equal opportunity, National will make sure that every New Zealander continues to have access to a world-class tertiary education sector, with a range of providers and a diversity of approaches to delivering the skills and knowledge our people need to prosper in the modern economy.

National will:

  • Implement SkillStart, a $120 million programme offering incentives for tertiary training providers to develop and deliver rapid retraining and job placement programmes that get Kiwis back into the workforce.

  • Establish 1000 tertiary scholarships per year targeted at students from low decile schools to undertake science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) degrees.

  • Restore funding to ICT Graduate Schools to lift the number of skilled graduates available to technology firms, and deepen business connections with the University sector.

  • Abolish the poorly targeted and ineffective Fees Free scheme.

  • Provide temporary, targeted support for tertiary students facing hardship who would otherwise struggle to continue studying.

  • Remove regulatory barriers to make it easier for new providers with innovative delivery models to enter the tertiary education sector.

  • Reverse the bureaucratic vocational sector restructuring and centralisation and return decision-making and assets back to regional institutes.

You can read our Tertiary Education Policy Factsheet here.