Finance Minister Steven Joyce has released the Productivity Commission’s terms of reference for their new inquiry into State sector productivity.

“As part of Budget 2017, I announced that the Government is asking the Productivity Commission to conduct an investigation into measuring and improving the productivity and efficiency of core public services in the State sector,” says Mr Joyce.

“I have asked that the inquiry has a particular focus on core health, education, justice and social support services – it is my expectation that public services continue to focus on lifting productivity so we can do more to help New Zealanders for each additional dollar of taxpayers’ money.”

“It is important that those delivering core public services maintain a constant focus on lifting the productivity of their sectors.”

Minister Joyce also welcomed two initial Productivity Commission research reports into aspects of public sector productivity.

The Quality Adjusting Sector-Level Data on New Zealand Schools ­report considers how to measure productivity at the education sector level, focusing on approaches to and challenges of capturing education quality.

The second report titled Social Sector Productivity: a Task Perspective highlights a framework for considering different types of public service and the different measurement issues that apply.

The Commission is due to report back on its inquiry into State sector productivity to Ministers by 30 August 2018.

The Terms of Reference is available at and research reports at

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