Sign to reverse Labour's Tenant Tax

Reverse Labour’s Tenant Tax

Labour campaigned on “no new taxes” but straight after the 2020 election introduced a new tax on tenants – the removal of interest deductibility as a legitimate expense for rental property owners.

The official advice said this would just increase rents and put pressure on the state house waiting list. It’s a tax on tenants.

Labour didn’t listen. Rents have gone up $140 a week under Labour and the state house waiting list is up by over 20,000.

Now Labour has done a massive u-turn and excluded big “Build to Rent” developments by corporate investors from these new taxes.

Sign our petition to tell Labour to scrap tenant taxes for everyone, not just big corporates.

Mum and Dad landlords aren’t the enemy. They’re critical in addressing our housing supply crisis.

Labour’s tenant tax needs to be reversed.

Will you sign?