Tech Sector & Opportunities Post-COVID


It is not just enough to respond to COVID-19. We need to harness the upheaval to drive positive change, evolving our industries so we can stay world-leading.

Our fifth priority is about growing our technology sector to create high-paying jobs of the future that we need our young people studying towards today. It is a sector that impacts upon everybody’s lives in one way or another and it must play a key part in our COVID-19 rebuild.

Tech isn’t solely software. It is new forms of medicine, it is precise agriculture, it is new products the world wants, and new ways of running our factories.

We need to better understand the opportunities tech will deliver to grow and be a major driver of New Zealand’s economy, creating jobs and exporting knowledge to the world.

New Zealand is proudly home to many leading tech companies: Xero, Rocket Lab, Buckley Systems, and Fisher & Paykel Healthcare to name just a few.

The tech sector brings high-paying jobs that drive our economy. Tech will help us to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions through new grasses or substances that stop cows producing methane.

Supporting our tech sector to grow means enticing more New Zealand students to study science and technology.

A government cannot just legislate wages up, New Zealand must harness our technological innovations to drive productivity higher.