Taxpayers foot the bill for Kelvin Davis incompetence

Minister Kelvin Davis was missing in action during the Waikeria Riot and is now using taxpayer money to compensate those who were affected, National’s Corrections spokesperson Simeon Brown says.

“We shouldn’t be having to pay anyone for the destruction of their property because the riot should not have happened. These are the consequences for a Corrections Minister who lost control of a prison.

“I feel for the hard working Corrections Officers who were caught up in the mess. It was entirely out of their control.

“In addition to the cost of compensating the Corrections Officers and prisoners who weren’t involved with the riot for the loss of their property, Minister Kelvin Davis revealed today in Select Committee that the insurance pay-out will not cover the demolition of the prison.

“We are yet to find out the total cost to the taxpayer for Minister Davis’ serious mishandling of the event. The bill could balloon even more when everything is tallied up.

“The whole situation at Waikeria was a Kelvin Davis catastrophe from start to finish and here we are months later footing the bill for his incompetence. The Minister has proven time and again that he is capable only of opening the doors to let prisoners out.”