First, we are building surpluses and paying down debt – because now is the time to put money away for the next financial crisis or natural disaster. By their own numbers Labour would borrow an extra $11b over the next four years.

Second, we are raising family incomes by cutting income taxes and lifting Working For Families and the Accommodation Supplement. On 1 April 2018 someone on the average wage will receive a tax cut of $1060 a year. In total, 1.3 million families will benefit by an average of $1350 per year.

Third, we’re investing in the infrastructure and public services our growing country deserves with new schools and hospitals, cheaper doctors visits, Roads of National Significance and broadband expansions throughout New Zealand. And our social investment programme is helping vulnerable New Zealanders change their lives one by one.

Fourth, we are simplifying the tax system and making it easier to do business. We’ll roll out real time provisional and terminal tax for all businesses, and we are cracking down on multinationals to make sure everyone pays their fair share.

Fifth, we will support business confidence by maintaining our broad-based tax system which is fair to all businesses. We won’t raise income taxes, or introduce a water tax, or a regional fuel tax, or a tourist tax, or add farmers to the Emissions Trading Scheme. And we won’t create uncertainty by investigating a capital gains tax or a land tax.