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Maori Development

Minister of Health says Ministry of Health should release Māori health data

November 11, 2021 Share

Chris Bishop

Since the High Court delivered its resounding view that the Ministry of Health should release critical individual data to the Whānau Ora Commission Agency to improve Māori communities Covid vaccination rates, everyone’s still waiting – despite the Minister of Health agreeing with the Court’s view.

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Te Ture Whenua Māori Bill heads to Parliament

September 23, 2021 Share

Joseph Mooney

A bill to strengthen the protection of Māori land and stem fragmentation has today been drawn from the ballot, MP for Southland Joseph Mooney says.

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Government’s $5m Covid relief package for Māori communities is too little, too late

September 09, 2021 Share

Harete Hipango

The Government’s announcement of $5 million to provide immediate relief to Delta-hit Māori communities is another mistimed misstep and missed opportunity, National’s Whānau Ora  and Māori Development spokesperson Harete Hipango says.

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