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Electoral Reform

The electoral system belongs to all Kiwis

October 05, 2021 Share

Chris Penk

In a strange move Justice Minister Kris Faafoi is commissioning a review of electoral law despite one already taking place with the Justice Select Committee currently undertaking its inquiry into the 2020 general election, National’s Electoral Law spokesperson Chris Penk says.

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National will overturn undemocratic Māori wards bill

February 25, 2021 Share

Judith Collins

The next National Government will repeal the Māori wards legislation passed by Parliament tonight under urgency, Leader of the Opposition Judith Collins says.

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Unfair process on Māori Wards Bill

February 17, 2021 Share

Christopher Luxon

The Government’s parliamentary process on its Bill to allow Councils to have separate Māori Wards has been a sham, National’s Local Government spokesperson and Electoral Reform spokesperson Christopher Luxon and Dr Nick Smith say.

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Changes to parliamentary term must go to a referendum

November 01, 2020 Share

Dr Nick Smith

Labour and the Green’s confidence agreement states a desire to look at reforming electoral law, but electoral law should not be a play thing of the Government of the day, National’s Electoral Law spokesperson Dr Nick Smith says.

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