The 2016 Public Trust and Confidence in Charities survey serves as a reminder of the regulator role of Charity Services and the transparency of the Charities Register says Community and Voluntary Sector Minister Alfred Ngaro.

The survey has been run every two years since 2008 and the results are relatively similar to previous years.

The results show that New Zealanders trust and confidence in the sector is moderate with an average rating of 5.9 out of 10.

“What really jumps out when reading the report is how much value people place on the role of a regulator of the sector and in transparency however many respondents weren’t actually aware that these services are already in place,” says Mr Ngaro.

Just over half of those who took part in the survey felt it was essential to have a group doing the work, including regulation, that Charities Services does but 37% had never heard of the team.

All registered charities are required to report about how they get their money and how they spend it. These reports are publicly available on the online Charities Register.

“Kiwis are an incredibly generous bunch so it’s reassuring to see that the things that we consider important are exactly the services that are in place and it’s a great opportunity to promote those services.”

The survey is published here

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