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The National-led Government is committed to better addressing the high rate of family violence. We want to ensure the home is a safe place for everyone.

We’ve announced sweeping changes across the system to better support victims and keep them safe. This includes making it easier to get a protection order, maximising the opportunities of Police safety orders, and making property orders more effective.

We’re taking action earlier to change perpetrator behaviour, including new offences to prosecute violence, a focus on getting in early, and connecting perpetrators with the help they need to stop the abuse.

We’re rolling out a new approach to better identify risk and recognise the patterns of family violence.

We need to do better to combat family violence. Our overhaul of our family violence laws is a critical, foundational step so that a new approach can be built.

National is working hard to play our part in breaking the cycle of violence within families and across generations.

The case for change

Family violence has a devastating impact on individuals and communities.

It affects New Zealanders from all walks of life, ethnicity and incomes.

Police respond to 110,000 family violence call-outs a year and children are present at nearly two-thirds of these incidents. On average, 14 women, seven men, and eight children killed by a member of their family every year.

We also know the impact on children can be severe and long lasting. For example, boys who witness family violence are twice as likely to abuse their partners and children when they grow up. Young people exposed to family violence are three times more likely to commit suicide.