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Where are our Staff This Summer?

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The industry has said they are in desperate need for 65,000 more staff this summer season.

For example, hospitality and restaurants need at least 50,000, tour busses need 1,000 drivers and hotels need over 2,500 more staff.

As tourism begins its recovery to normal levels of international and domestic tourism around our beautiful county, tourism businesses will not be able to provide the high-quality service they want without the staff to back it up.

This Summer should have been great for the industry. Businesses should be paying off their debts from the last 2 years and preparing themselves for the upcoming winter. Instead, they are struggling to find staff, and many will have to choose between not offering their full range of services or only operating a handful of days per week.

The sector has been signalling this crisis for the last 12 months, but this has fallen on deaf ears and now they are paying for it.

National knows how hard the last 2 years have been for the industry, and we know what they have sacrificed.

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