Funding of $25,000 to support the New Zealand China Young Leaders Forum 2017 was announced today by Youth Minister Nikki Kaye.

“This one-day forum provides an opportunity to facilitate dialogue, connections and partnerships between young leaders from New Zealand and China who are interested in leadership, business, education, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship,” says Ms Kaye.

The theme of this year’s forum, which will take place in Christchurch in November, is ‘Innovation and Education’.

Around 100 young people will be supported to access a variety of leadership opportunities, by planning, organising and attending the forum.

“I’m pleased to help build on the positive relationship that exists between New Zealand and China,” says Ms Kaye.

“As a community, New Zealanders of Chinese descent contribute greatly to the fabric of our country, as employers, entrepreneurs, employees, students, parents and community leaders. Across the nation, New Zealanders of all backgrounds benefit from this contribution.

“The funding announced today follows on from previous support provided towards the New Zealand China Young Leaders Forum in Auckland in October 2015, and in Beijing in September 2016.”

The Ministry of Youth Development (MYD) and the New Zealand Chinese Youth Federation (NZCYF) will partner to co-host and organise the forum in New Zealand.

The Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council (OCAO) and the All China Youth Federation (ACYF), hosts and organisers of the forum in China, will also provide support to MYD and NZCYF.

“The forum is a chance to strengthen ties and provide valuable opportunities for young people from both China and New Zealand, and is part of the ever-strengthening relationship between our two countries,” says Ms Kaye.

“It is my hope that bringing together young Chinese and Kiwi leaders will see lasting relationships formed, which will lead to future business, cultural and political partnerships.”

Notes to editors

The New Zealand Chinese Youth Federation (NZCYF) is a non-profit organisation that supports Chinese young people living and studying in New Zealand. NZCYF offer programmes and services to promote positive engagement and create opportunities for self-improvement through leadership activities and community service. It also supports overseas ethnic Chinese young people to maintain and strengthen their Chinese culture and national values. The Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State is an administrative office which assists the Premier in handling affairs related to overseas Chinese. The All-China Youth Federation (ACYF) is a federative body of Chinese youth organisations and young people. Through its 52 member organisations, and over 77,000 individual members, the ACYF reaches over 300 million young people across China.

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