We Stopped Labour's KiwiSaver Tax

You did it!

In just 24 hours more than 24,000 Kiwis signed our petition, helping us to force Labour to back down on its sneaky plan to impose a KiwiSaver Tax - that would have wiped $103 billion off the value of New Zealanders' KiwiSaver savings. 

You sent the message loud and clear – NEW ZEALANDERS SAY NO TO LABOUR’S KIWISAVER TAX.

But the fight continues. This tax may be dead, but as long as Jacinda Ardern and Labour are in Government you can bet they will dream up new ways of fleecing you out of your hard-earned cash – all while we’re facing a cost of living crisis fuelled by their rampant wasteful spending.

There can now be no doubt Labour is addicted to spending and has an insatiable appetite for new taxes to fund its wasteful ways.

National will remain vigilant and oppose each and every new tax grab they try and sneak through.

National will repeal all of Labour’s new taxes, restore discipline to government spending and end the waste.

Only National will protect your hard-earned retirement savings from new taxes. 

But the only way this will happen is by electing a Christopher Luxon-led National Government next year.

Thank you for your support.

24,699 signatures

Will you sign?