Stop the wasteful spending, Minister

Transport Minister Michael Wood is wastefully spending taxpayers’ money on his own pet projects while Kiwis are doing it tough, National’s Transport spokesperson Simeon Brown says.

“Despite the temporary three month reduction in petrol taxes, the Government still has a responsibility to ensure that every dollar raised from the fuel excise duty and road user charges is spent carefully.  

“Yet Minister Wood and this Labour Government want to throw away up to $29.2 billion on light rail in Auckland at a cost of almost $16,000 per household, all while Kiwis are hurting from rising inflation and a cost of living crisis.

“Minister Wood already has a track record for wasteful spending, wasting more than $50 million on a cancelled Auckland cycling bridge, and $35 million on consultant fees for Let’s Get Wellington Moving, when only $250,000 has been spent on construction for that project.

“Those two projects alone have cost taxpayers over $85 million.

“Kiwis cannot trust the Transport Minister to spend their money wisely when he is constantly wasting it on pet projects that are not benefiting anyone.

“It’s time to stop the wasteful spending Minister Wood.”