Regulatory Reform Minister Paul Goldsmith has welcomed the Statutes Repeal Bill passing its Second Reading in Parliament today.

“Repealing redundant laws is just one part of the wider work we are doing to improve the quality of the law that governs New Zealanders’ lives,” says Mr Goldsmith.

“124 laws were slated for removal when the Bill was introduced, and as a result of public submissions that number has now increased to 128.”

The Statutes Repeal Bill will repeal or partially repeal 137 pieces of legislation, and will reduce the total number of laws on the Statute Books by 128.

Overall the bill the number of public Acts on the New Zealand law books will reduce by more than 10 per cent.

The four additional Acts which the Committee agreed are suitable repeal are the Education Law Amendment Act 1933, the Infants Act Repeal Act 1989, the Taxation Acts Repeal Act 1986 and the Wellington City Reserves Act 1872. Section 4 of the Wellington City Reserves Act 1871 will also be repealed.

“The Wellington City Council have been looking for a legislative vehicle to repeal the redundant Wellington City Reserves Act provisions, and I’m glad the Government was able to assist with it,” says Mr Goldsmith.

Some of the Acts identified for repeal include the 1931 Hawke’s Bay Earthquake Act, Seamen’s Union Funds Act 1971 and the Rugby World Cup 2011 (Empowering) Act 2010.

“With this Bill we will reduce the number of public Acts on the New Zealand law books by more than 10 per cent,” says Mr Goldsmith.

“Reducing the regulatory burden is all part of creating a competitive and productive economy that provides more and better paying jobs for New Zealanders and their families.”

The Statutes Repeal Bill will now progress to the Committee of the Whole House, and is available here.

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