Statement from Michael Woodhouse

Between June 21 and 25 I received four unsolicited emails from Michelle Boag containing information that, while not the same information that is the subject of the Inquiry led by Michael Heron QC, was similar insofar as it contained patient details.

Michelle told me she received this information through her role with the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust and I was led to believe it was circulating among a number of other health agencies.

I recognised that the information in those emails was private so I did not share it with anyone else and I subsequently deleted them.

I have made contact with Mr Heron to provide details to him in the event that it may be relevant to his Inquiry. If he deems it to be relevant I will cooperate fully with the Inquiry.

I can confirm that Michelle Boag is not the source of any previous information released by me in relation to the Government’s Covid-19 response.