Sport and Recreation Minister Jonathan Coleman awarded Sport Wellington with the first Governance Mark in Wellington yesterday.

“It is great that Sport Wellington have become the first to achieve the Governance Mark. This is a clear signal that its board is well-positioned for the future,” says Dr Coleman.

“The requirements to achieve the mark include having processes in place for director recruitment, clarity on roles, well-structured meetings and a culture of external accountability – it’s not a simple tick box exercise.

“Good governance of sport is important, the mark ensures that boards are functioning well to attract money, members and commercial opportunities.

“The mark also assures governing boards and the communities that they serve that they are following good practice.

“These organisations also have a key role in addressing issues that challenge the integrity of sport, so it is important that we now have a process to provide evidence of capability around the board table.”

The Governance Mark, launched by Sport NZ in August last year, is an independently verified process that assesses the standard of governance in an organisation.

More than 20 sport and recreation sector bodies are currently working towards gaining the mark.

Dr Coleman presenting the award in his Parliament office yesterday. Left – right: Dr Coleman, David Clarke, Chair - Sport Wellington, Paula Tesoriero, Deputy Chair, Sport Wellington and Phil Gibbons, CEO, Sport Wellington.

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