Sign to stop Labour’s blanket speed limit reductions!

Sign to stop Labour’s blanket speed limit reductions!

The Labour Government is planning to slash speed limits on state highways across New Zealand in their ongoing crusade to unnecessarily slow the country down. Instead of investing in our roads to make sure they’re safe to drive on, Labour is taking the easy way out once more with simple, blanket speed limit reductions that won’t actually make a meaningful difference.

Temporary speed limit reductions outside schools during pick up and drop off times is one thing, but blanket speed limit reductions on the open road will only make it slower to get around NZ and it won’t fix our roads.

National opposes blanket speed limit reductions. Kiwis want safer roads, not slower roads.

Please sign our petition to tell Labour to leave speed limits alone and instead invest in real improvements to our roads to save lives.

Will you sign?