Small Business


New Zealand is facing its worst economic downturn in 160 years. Right now, more than 200,000 New Zealanders are on unemployment benefits. Another 280,000 are on the wage subsidy and whose jobs are at risk.

New Zealand needs a Government with the experience, the competence and the vision to rescue the economy, save businesses and protect jobs.

Labour’s sole economic idea is more government spending, more debt and higher taxes.

National has a comprehensive five point plan to rescue the economy:

  • Responsible Economic Management.
  • Delivering Infrastructure.
  • Reskilling and Retraining Our Workforce.
  • A Greener, Smarter Future.
  • Building Stronger Communities.

National will back the private sector, in particular our small businesses, to create jobs and get the economy moving again.

Labour, on the other hand, believe every job needs to be created by Government Ministers and make-work schemes. We understand that the only sustainable way to create new jobs is to reduce barriers, costs and uncertainty for the private sector and in particular small businesses.

You can read our full Small Business Package Factsheet here or click on a policy tile below.

Small businesses are critical for New Zealand’s economic recovery. National will empower small businesses to grow, thrive and succeed.

We know there isn’t one single policy that will help small businesses, so we have announced a comprehensive package with a range of policies that will all help small businesses get ahead.

Our Small Business Package is divided into five parts:

  • Lower Tax Cost and Compliance for Small Businesses
  • Fairer Employment Law for Small Businesses
  • Better Cash Flow for Small Businesses
  • Less Red Tape for Small Businesses
  • Better Access to Capital for New and Existing Small Businesses

You can read our full Small Business Package Factsheet here or click on a policy tile below.