National’s Police Spokesperson Chris Bishop is asking whether senior NZ First MP Shane Jones still believes Wally Haumaha has ‘a completely clean bill of health’ like he claimed in Parliament earlier this month.

“Yesterday’s damning IPCA report into Mr Haumaha found that he belittled and humiliated staff, aggressively asserted his authority, and inappropriately approached staff to support him after allegations were made. It also shows that he circulated information which would discredit a complainant which was improper.

“Do Shane Jones and his Leader Winston Peters accept the findings against Mr Haumaha, or do they still think he has a ‘completely clean bill of health?’ Do they agree with the Prime Minister that he has behaved inappropriately?

“Mr Haumaha’s ties to NZ First have also been repeatedly glossed over by the Government. His candidacy for NZ First in Rotorua in 2005 was never disclosed to the Cabinet, and NZ First Leader Winston Peters has never adequately explained how he came to be at Waiteti Marae during the middle of the election campaign in 2017 to celebrate Mr Haumaha’s promotion to Assistant Commissioner.

“His statement to Parliament that he was invited by the Government and Police National Headquarters was revealed to be a nonsense by material released by the Police under the Official Information Act. He was invited by the Marae itself and likely Mr Haumaha.

“NZ First needs to put on the record today whether it continues to support someone who was found to have behaved so badly in one of the country’s top positions of power.”

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