Not only is KiwiBuild no longer ‘Kiwi’, but it appears the ‘Build’ isn’t really happening either with Housing Minister Phil Twyford simply putting KiwiBuild stamps on houses that were built under the previous Government, National’s Housing spokesperson Judith Collins says.

“Mr Twyford’s announcement today that 400 affordable homes will be built in Northcote is nothing more than a rebranding exercise and won’t add to the supply of houses in Auckland.

“These houses had already been announced by National in 2016, when we said that we would redevelop 300 existing Housing New Zealand properties into 1200 new homes in Northcote.

“Mr Twyford has recently come to the realisation, albeit very late, that his much-hyped KiwiBuild is never going to happen and was only ever a pipedream.

“That’s why he’s not only hijacked National’s Northcote housing announcement, but he’ll also be buying houses off developers that would have been built anyway and using foreign-built flat-packs as part of ‘KiwiBuild’.

“It is also not the first time Mr Twyford has put his KiwiBuild stamps on houses that were already in the pipeline under National – the McLennan Development has been underway since 2016 with hundreds of houses built and being lived in, or under construction.

“Mr Twyford always said that his KiwiBuild houses would be over and above what was already underway but all we have seen so far is broken promises, murky details and rebranding of National’s excellent plans to deliver affordable housing.”

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