Shambolic Coalition creating economic uncertainty

The Coalition Government’s chronic instability is creating huge uncertainty in the economy at a time when businesses need confidence to grow and create jobs, National’s Finance spokesperson Paul Goldsmith says.

“New Zealand First are scuttling key Government policies at an alarming rate, which further undermines confidence about the Government’s ability to deliver.

“Today alone, New Zealand First have been behind the cancellation of light rail, Labour’s flagship infrastructure project, and pulled support for the commercial rent legislation they originally supported.

“A copy of the commercial rent legislation was sent to National yesterday morning by Andrew Little’s office, claiming it would be tabled later that day. But it never was. New Zealand First clearly made a last minute decision to pull their support before the Bill was tabled and failed to give the Minister any notice.

“Grant Robertson said two months ago that the Government would do something to help the thousands of small business struggling with rental costs, and they’ve done nothing.

“National argued during lockdown that they needed to get cash into the hands of the small businesses struggling with the economic impact of Covid. Those businesses were ignored.

“New Zealand is facing one of the biggest economic and jobs crisis in 30 years. What businesses need right now is confidence that the Government can deliver strong economic policies to help them get back on their feet.

“Unfortunately what they’re getting is shambolic politics from a Government with no plan or the competence to deliver it.

“New Zealand needs a National Government with a strong team and a track record of managing economic crisis.

“Unlike Labour and NZ First, National will do what we say we will do."