There are serious questions that need to be answered by Government agencies regarding the method of brake testing on Waiheke Island, Auckland Central MP Nikki Kaye says.

“This is a significant issue because it cuts to the heart of people’s confidence in vehicle safety.

“Media reports today demonstrate that there is confusion and a lack of clarity around the brake testing system for Waiheke Island.

“Reports indicate that Vehicle Testing New Zealand (VTNZ) has admitted using what has been called ‘an inferior test’ since March 2017. This is despite the agency’s brake protocol which says that the decelerometer method should only be used for up to two days.

“It is also against the backdrop of VTNZ being scrutinised by law firm Meredith Connell.

“While VTNZ has said that they don’t believe there is a safety issue, it has admitted to breaking the rules by using the old test for too long.

“It is also clear that Waiheke customers were not told about this and there is a strong case for islanders being made aware.

“I am requesting an urgent briefing from NZTA and VTNZ on these issues.

“It is clear to me that not only have protocols been broken, but there needs to be greater assurance around public safety for vehicle owners on Waiheke Island. I will be asking a lot more questions of Government agencies on this issue.”

“I have requested an urgent briefing from the Ministry as a result. An independent check may be required on NZTA systems in order to prevent this risk in other communities.”

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