Sensible policies needed to combat climate change

The Government must test every climate policy it intends to proceed with to make sure they are both effective and rational, National’s Climate Change spokesperson Stuart Smith says.

“National supports New Zealand playing its part to combat climate change and we acknowledge the hard work of the Climate Change Commission in producing the comprehensive analysis released today.

“The task before us is monumental. Reaching net zero emissions in 30 years is hugely ambitious for a country that earns half of its export income from the primary sector.

“New Zealand needs an effective plan that is based on practical, sensible solutions. We can’t afford to waste money on policies that won’t make a genuine dent in emissions.

“The Government must have a reliable idea of how many tonnes of greenhouse gases a policy will remove from the atmosphere before deciding whether or not to fund it.

“New Zealanders will want to know whether the proposals released today are cost-effective and fair, and what the implications will be for people’s jobs and livelihoods.

“We support the approach the commission has taken by making its draft advice available for public consultation.”