Decile funding currently accounts for less than 3% of a school’s resources, but is a blunt tool that frequently results in them being stigmatised. National thinks that is an unhelpful distraction to good schools focussing on getting results for kids.   

Children, young people and their families deserve to take pride in their school, so we are introducing changes that will better target funding to where the need is greatest to support all children to achieve.  

Rather than allocating this funding on the basis of neighbourhood characteristics as the current decile system does, we’re introducing a Risk Index to provide fairer funding that better reflects the needs of children in our schools and services.

This will mean extra resources are better targeted to support schools to lift achievement.

The specific factors to be used in the index are subject to further analysis before being finalised and rolled out in a couple of years. But, they will be the indicators which evidence tells us have the greatest influence on student achievement. 

As a part of this change, National will make the commitment that no school, early learning service or ngā kōhanga reo will see a reduction in their funding as a direct result of this change. In fact, we expect some will gain significantly from it.

This change sits alongside other new initiatives National is working on to make it easier for parents to find and assess information about the quality of schools, including a project with ERO that improves their reports and key information as well as making it more accessible to parents – such as online.

All of these things are the positive results you get from National’s strong, consistent economic plan that means we can afford to invest in the areas that matter to you and your family, like education. And it’s just the beginning – there’s a lot more we’re going to do.

We are hugely positive about New Zealand’s potential, and what we can achieve together. But success isn’t guaranteed. 

A vote for any other party is a vote for chaotic Labour/Greens/NZ First coalition, with a relentlessly negative view of New Zealand. They will take New Zealand backwards. 

Only a Party Vote for National will keep a strong, National-led Government that is focused on a consistent plan to keep growing the economy so we can afford to lift educational achievement and deliver more for you and for family.



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