Scrapping Teacher Registration Fees


National’s policy will scrap the $157 annual fee teachers are expected to pay from February 2021 to keep their registration certificates up to date. The Teaching Council currently charges teachers $220.80 every three years (equivalent to $73.60 a year) to register. The fee was last increased in 2010.

Under the current proposal teacher registration costs are set to double from February 2021, which is unacceptable. The next couple of years is not the time to be increasing costs, instead we should be reducing costs as people deal with the economic crisis our country is facing.

New Zealand has had long-standing teacher supply and retention issues. This is a small way that we can reduce costs for teachers and is one of a number of policies National intends to implement to reinforce the value of educators in our society.

Teachers play an incredibly important role in our communities. Throughout the lockdown teachers across the country showed their dedication and commitment to children by teaching from home. Educators were some of the heroes of the lockdown as they worked hard to ensure young people were learning and supported.

We’re focused on attracting and retaining teachers and ensuring they feel supported in their profession. Removing teacher registration fees is one way National will support our teachers.

You can read our policy factsheet here