Rugby Championship about loss to economy

Labour are trying to blame the referee, but they dropped the ball, National’s Economic Development spokesperson Todd McClay says.

“Hundreds of jobs will be lost to this inept handling of the situation by Labour.

“Had Labour secured the border and put in place effective systems for contract tracing and testing, we could have hosted with minimal risks.

“The Government’s lack of progress on border management, means that we were unable to provide a competitive arrangement against the Australians.

“We can’t afford Labour’s lack of competence to continually lose future economic opportunities.

“We don’t like losing to the Aussies on the rugby paddock, but losing to them on the economy hurts us even more.

“With our hospitality and tourism sector under considerable pressure, the loss of the Rugby Championship comes as a severe blow.

“Some estimates are as high as $100 million dollars, but Labour doesn’t see the loss of the Rugby Championship as a problem.

“New Zealand needs a National Government with a real plan to move our economy forward, to create jobs and rebuild our economy.”