Dr Ruby Manukia Schaumkel is of mixed Tongan, European and Chinese descent. She has worked as a lawyer and consultant in New Zealand, Tonga and the United States. She currently advises a range of organisations, including charities and not-for-profits. In the United States, Ruby represented clients in international trade law and foreign policy.

After completing her schooling at Kelston Primary, Kelston Intermediate and Kelston Girls, Ruby gained a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Auckland University, a Bachelor of Laws from Victoria University, her Legal Professionals for the Bar as a Barrister & Solicitor from Canterbury University, a Master of Laws (Honors) from Golden Gate University in California and a PhD from AUT. Ruby is a certified Tongan interpreter and translator and lives in Auckland with her family.

“It’s an honour to be selected as National’s candidate in Kelston and I’ll get to work straight away meeting people across the electorate and campaigning for a National Government.”

“People in Kelston are having their budgets stretched in every direction thanks to Labour’s cost-of-living crisis. Whether it’s their mortgage repayments going up hundreds of dollars per week, weekly rents in Auckland climbing by $90 or the record prices they’re paying at the supermarket checkout, it’s getting harder to get by. Labour is spending $1 billion more per week than the previous government and it’s helping fuel inflation, making everything more expensive for families in Kelston.”

“I’m standing for National because it’s the only party with a plan to strengthen our economy to reduce the cost of living to help families in Kelston, and the ability to deliver on it. We’ll stop Labour’s wasteful spending, stop piling costs onto our businesses and deliver tax relief for hardworking Kiwis. We’ll also ease the burden on families in Kelston with our FamilyBoost policy, which provides up to $75 per week in tax rebates to help with the cost of childcare.”

Ruby has also written two books. One a biography of her father who moved to Auckland from Tonga in the 1970s, and the other a book on Pacific migration and the changes in culture Pacific peoples experience.

Ruby developed an interest in politics and public service while living in Washington, DC seeing the influence of the senate and house on Capitol Hill. Her interests are in law and order, foreign affairs, trade and external relations, education, health, and social investment.

In her spare time, Ruby enjoys spending time with her family, coaching junior rugby and netball, advocating for justice, promoting health and wellbeing, and reading and writing adult non-fiction books.

I’m getting to work immediately to meet as many people across Kelston as I can to listen to the issues they face and share how I’ll deliver as part of Chris Luxon’s National team

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