The Finance Minister has refused to rule out more taxes as a result of the Tax Working Group’s recommendations, National’s Finance spokeswoman Amy Adams says.

“On the eve of the release of the Tax Working Group’s interim report, Grant Robertson refused to rule out increasing the total tax take as part of the Government’s response.  

“There is no case for the Government to collect more tax and Grant Robertson should make it clear whether this review of the tax system is just a Government cash grab.

“New Zealanders already pay a big part of their income in tax. The average household pays $50,000 every year in tax and the tax paid is set to double by 2032 – before adding even more taxes.

“Costs of living are going up through higher petrol prices and rents. New Zealand families and small businesses deserve to know if this Government will be coming after them for more tax but Grant Robertson refuses to be upfront about his plans.   

“This sort of uncertainty has already contributed to a six-year low for consumer confidence and business confidence at a 10-year low.

“National believes New Zealanders should keep more of what they earn and will oppose any moves to add taxes from a Government that seems intent on slowing growth and adding to costs.”

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